Da-Lite Tripod Screen Retal

cho thue man chieu gia re

Tripod 100 inch Screen Retal

Cho thuê màn chiếu đứng kích thước 100 inch giá 100.000 đồng / ngày

Setup the Da-Lite Tripod:

1. Remove screen from shipping case.

2. Hold screen vertically and press down the toe-release plate to open the tripod legs.

3. Release black knob on.

Be sure to check out a Da-Lite Tripod projection screen rental right here at Máy chiếu Đại Nam to help assist during your next event, personal or professional. We offer a 70” x 70” viewing platform, a well-built product, and a steel case for shipping protection so our clients will receive their projection screen rental in excellent condition. The interior of the case is lined with soft carpet, which protects from scratches. This model is easy to setup and comes with a suspension saddle that provides a flat viewing surface. Great for personal recreation such as birthdays, cookouts and backyard movies, it is also an excellent choice for meetings in the boardroom. Rent a Da-Lite Tripod projection screen for your next event!

Dimensions Standard 70″ x 70″ (W x H)
Format AV Format
Viewing Surface (Diagonal Sizing) 84″ (7 Feet)
Screen Material Matte White
Closed Dimension Wheeled Shipping Case 59″ x 18″ x 18″ (W x H x D)
Weight 27.5 Pounds

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